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Rights and Responsibilities

As young people you have rights! Find out what your rights are and why you need them.

Children's Legal Centre

Free & confidential legal advice and information service, covering all aspects of the law affecting young people. This service is open to children, young people and anyone with concerns about them.

Young People Freephone 0800 783 2187



This site has information on loads of stuff, including your rights. Includes sections on work, crime and justice, money and health and relationships etc. They also have some tips on finding a holiday job.

National Youth Advocacy Service

Advice, information, support and representation for any young person who wants to have their wishes and feelings taken into account when decisions are made about them.

Tel: 0800 616 101

National Youth Advocacy Service website for information, support and representation for children and young people. Use the web contact form for queries or email them directly at:


This site has a section on your rights around sex, marriage, confidentiality and access to services.


Click on 'S'˙ in the A-Z of services and go to 'Sorted - A Guide to Young People and the Law'. Then click on 'Your Age and the Law', which has a table of some of the ways the law affects you year by year.