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Parent / Carer Survival Guide

Parent / Carer Survival Guide

Arguments are an ordinary, healthy part of family life - ordinary because any family who says they don't argue is either fictional, lying, or harbouring years of pent-up frustration - healthy because repressing strong emotions and opinions isn't good for anybody!

Express yourself

Be honest - tell them how you feel. How can they respect your opinions, thoughts and ideas if you keep it all in?

Share your interests

Try to introduce them to things that you enjoy. Get them online or talk to them about your favourite band, TV programme or film. Getting them to know about the things you like will help them understand and appreciate you better.


Explaining calmly and clearly why what you want should happen, rationally justifying why you deserve it, listening to their concerns without interrupting and trying to reach a conclusion that each side is happy with beats the screaming, shouting, slamming doors, using bribery or violence tactics any day.


It's tough being a teenager - it's pretty tough being a parent or carer too. If you want them to understand how you feel, try to understand how they feel as well.


Be prepared to compromise a little - meet your parents / carers halfway and you'll earn some respect for being reasonable and this will help next time you want something.


Timing is everything. Don't start a deep conversation when they're rushing to get to work, or at others times when they're stressed or hassled. Try to catch them when they're relaxed and
able to listen.

So when you're looking for support, friendship or understanding, remember it's often there to be found under the same roof as you.

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