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Believe it or not, most young people and their families / carers do get on - most of the time! But as you are growing and changing, even the best relationships can become strained and difficult. Getting on badly with the people you care about can make you feel terrible. You may think they're being unreasonable and they may think you're being difficult or cheeky.

Sometimes it can feel like you just can't do anything right! It can help to talk to an outsider like a friend's parent or carer, a teacher or a school counsellor or try some ideas from these contacts:

Some useful contacts:

Young Carers


The NSPCC's site for young people that includes lots of info about all sorts of problems, including family break-ups.


Advice and suggestions for young people whose parents are splitting up.


CAFCASS looks after the interests of children involved in family proceedings. It works with children and their families, and then advises the courts on what it considers to be in the children's best interests.