Guide 4 Life Harrogate



Did you know that what you eat could affect your mood? A balanced diet contains lots of stressbusting nutrients as well as keeping you healthy. Meet the 'fantastic four' stressbusting nutrients:

  • Zinc - Lean meat, whole wheat, eggs, yoghurt and popcorn!
  • Magnesium - Green leafy vegetables, grapefruit, figs, sweetcorn and seeds
  • Vitamin C - All fruit and veg, especially citrus fruit
  • B Vitamins - All wholegrains, yeast extract (e.g. Marmite), yoghurt and dates

Did you know that liquorice contains lots of stressbusting nutrients? Try not to skip meals - missing meals causes your blood sugar to crash, leading to fatigue and more chance of feeling stressed. Some foods reduce your ability to cope with stress - the 'baddies' are:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine (in coffee, tea, coke, some 'energy' drinks)
  • Refined sugar

You don't need to give these up completely - just cut down when you feel stressed.

Smoothie Recipes


Making smoothies is easy. All you need is a blender, liquidiser, a food processor or a hand blender. Next you get your fruit. Fresh is good, but tinned works just as well. The best thing about smoothies is that there's no right or wrong way - you make them to suit your taste.

Strawberry slush

Get some strawberries, one ripe banana, and blend into a paste. Add the juice of one orange and some ice. Pour into glasses and serve.

Pink banana

Take one large banana, one handful of strawberries or raspberries - they can be fresh, frozen or tinned. Add a large glass of apple juice and whizz in a blender.

Krushed Kiwi

Take one kiwi peeled and sliced. Add one cup of frozen red raspberries, two cups of frozen blackberries, half a glass of apple juice and one banana and blend all together.